Category: Prevention

Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

Understanding Depression and Suicidal Thoughts Depression is not just about feeling sad most of the time. It’s much more than that. Depression affects our thoughts, feelings, and behavior.  Some of the signs that someone is experiencing depression...

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Preventing Suicidal Thoughts in Children

Recognizing and Preventing Suicidal Thoughts in Children: A Parent's Guide As a parent, it is crucial to be vigilant and attentive to our children's mental health. Suicidal thoughts and tendencies can affect children of any age, gender, and socioeconomic background,...

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Suicide Warning Signs

Signs a person is contemplating suicide Suicide remains a complex and sensitive subject for many people. Talking about the subject openly and educating ourselves regarding the warning signs can help save lives. There is no single cause for suicide. Conditions such as...

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