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Empowering Innovation for Mental Well-being.

Investing in the Future of Behavioral Health Tech

3LS Ventures is a wholly owned subsidiary of 3LS, Inc., a Nashville-based company specializing in providing administrative and advisory services to social service organizations. 3LS Ventures funds early-stage behavioral health companies that are finding innovative ways to support and accelerate outcomes in behavioral health, mental health, and overall wellbeing. We look for companies that reflect our mission: Find ways to accelerate behavioral health outcomes through technology and innovation.


3LS Ventures supports our portfolio companies with real services.

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Meet the driving force behind our success – a collaborative and diverse team dedicated to unlocking potential, embracing opportunities, and propelling us to new heights. Together, we’re shaping the future with passion and innovation.


Attend Behavior is a child behavioral health platform designed to enable the delivery of evidence-based parent training services for children with Autism and other types of behavioral issues.

Maslo is a comprehensive AI platform that empowers businesses to build, deploy, and scale AI applications quickly, and effectively.

Bounceback is a digital-health platform delivering wellness-focused professional development to educators.

HopeNation offers mental health services to children, teens and young adults with a specialty trauma-informed offering for college campuses.

Arcade therapeutics provides digital, prescription-based mental health therapies and white label non-prescription social anxiety gamification.



SigBee is a digital platform that promotes employee engagement and organizational health by enabling human connection.



“3LS Ventures will accelerate our mission of identifying and supporting early-stage companies that are poised to have meaningful impact on the markets that we currently serve while also opening up new opportunities to affect behavioral health,”

– 3LS Inc. CEO Eric Strickland.

3LS Inc. Launches New Behavioral Health Venture Studio

3LS Inc., a provider of administrative and advisory services to human service organizations, today announced the launch of a new venture studio to accelerate the creation of evidence-based behavioral health solutions that support youth, families, and educators.

3LS Ventures Invests in Bounceback and Attend

Bounceback and Attend joins the 3LS Ventures family.


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