Burned (Motivation In Youth Athletes)

One-hour virtual group class
three young girls holding different balls for basketball, volleyball, and soccer

Workshop Description

It’s now the catch phrase amongst many professionals – “know your why” – but what about our kids? Why are they drawn to sports? How do we motivate them to try their hardest, without pushing them too far? In this presentation, Kelly will address signs of burnout and how to help navigate the ups and downs in sports and performances. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation consumes many performers – how do we help younger generations uncover their why? In addition, we will unpack goal setting for youth and teens and how we as adults can help them organize and accomplish their dreams in reasonable and realistic ways.


  • Learn the various signs of burnout
  • Learn about factors that may be contributing to loss in motivation
  • Discuss intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • Learn how goal setting can be oriented to the process versus the outcome -How to best support your athlete when the road gets bumpy


A virtual group of no more than 10 individuals. The bulk of the time will be used for education and sharing information, plus a Q&A.


Kelly Hobbs

Mental Performance Coach

Master Rated Figure Skating Instructor