An accountable, proven approach to mental healthcare

Young patients and their families benefit from our three-pronged approach:

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The right team of therapists

HopeNation is more than a counseling practice. Our team includes expert therapists with deep experience providing mental healthcare services for children, teens and young adults. Plus, we partner with therapists who are clearly passionate about their work and inspired to advocate for broader access to mental healthcare for the population we serve. Our therapists have helped build HopeNation and its culture from the ground up. To them, it’s not just a company, it’s a calling.

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We are accountable

The HopeNation model is different. Instead of paying by the session, we offer a variety of program fees, and treatment continues until specific milestones are met and we determine that therapy is no longer necessary. This evidenced-based, transparent and accountable approach uniquely aligns the goals of clients, families and therapists. Your child will only be in therapy as long as needed.

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Convenient telemental care

Research is clear that telemental health is not only equivalent to in-person care, but for many children and families, it is a preferred way to interact with their clinician. Nearly 95% of children and teens between the ages of eight and 18 have smartphones. Online video sessions are private, comfortable, less stressful, easy to schedule and easily accessible.

Your HopeNation journey


Your HopeNation Journey is designed to get you the help you need as quickly and easily as possible. A key step is matching you with the right therapist to build a relationship that leads to success. You and your therapist work together to set goals and create your care plan to ensure everyone is moving in the same direction. Treatment can be customized to include both individual and group sessions. Even though our care is delivered through telemental health, we never lose sight of the importance of human connections.

Personalized program-based fees based on results

Our program-based fee model provides parents a bundle of services that have a fixed cost and duration, so you can understand what your investment will be.

Services in the bundle include:

  • Individual sessions
  • Family sessions (if relevant)
  • Phone and email support
  • Human support (for technology issues, etc.)
  • Two follow-up care sessions that can be used after treatment is completed


  • No charge (60 minutes)
  • Meet your therapist
  • Review Client Handbook
  • Review Technology


  • (90 minutes)
  • Care Planning session- (In-depth exploration of your background, your mental health, and your goals for therapy)
  • Development of a customized recommendation for your treatment plan.

Individual Sessions

  • Custom individualized counseling (60 minutes)
  • Phone and email support
  • Human support (technology issues, etc.)
  • Parenting education/classes (optional)
  • Measurements and Assessments as needed


We proudly partner with major insurance providers


We are pleased to inform you that HopeNation is currently accepting Aetna insurance for our services. HopeNation is also in the process of partnering with BlueCross BlueShield, Optum, and CIGNA insurance providers, and will update this information once it is complete.

If you want to be notified when additional providers become available, please contact our Client Experience Manager and provide your contact information and the insurance provider you plan to use. We will follow up with you when your provider becomes available. Our Client Experience Manager can be reached at the following:

Phone: (877) 290-0557

Text: (629) 256-0934


Counseling Services Hours (Central Time)

Monday to Thursday 7am – 7pm
Friday 7am – 6pm
Saturday 8am – 11am & 12noon – 2pm
Sunday 4pm – 8pm