Emotional Intelligence In Sport and Performance

One-hour virtual group class
A group of girls walking together after soccer practice

Workshop Description

How many times will your child answer with “fine” or “good” when asked how practice went? Have we given them permission to name and claim ALL their emotions? This presentation is a deep dive into ways to foster communication between you, your child, and their coaches. A secondary portion of this session involves managing expectations and creative ways to find “fun” in demanding sports. Kelly is committed to keeping fun embedded into youth competitive sports and tackles all sorts of issues including peer relationships, coach pressures and when parents mean to support, but push a bit too hard. What is the fine line between simply “I enjoyed watching you play” and “Momager/Daddy Coach.”


  • Learn the basics of emotional intelligence for you and your child as it pertains to sports
  • Learn how to focus on the present and what your child is getting today, versus always thinking long term and missing out on valuable life moments
  • Learn strategies and talking points to help them process emotions
  • Learn ways to foster communication with your athlete and how to self-assess if you are getting in too deep as “coach” when they are needing “mom/dad.”
  • Discuss the cognitive behavioral therapy triangle and how it relates to performance


A virtual group of no more than 10 individuals. The bulk of the time will be used for education and sharing information, plus a Q&A.


Kelly Hobbs

Mental Performance Coach

Master Rated Figure Skating Instructor