Get it, Girl!

One-hour virtual group class
a girl playing tennis

Workshop Description

Research informs us girls are more likely than boys to suffer from anxiety and depression with the onset of puberty. Has your girl lost her glow? Did she go from confident and sparkly to suddenly aware of every glance or facial expression in the room? Are we setting our girls up with all the tools to navigate this pivotal transition in arenas where they are on display to perform? Aesthetic sports and girl centric sports present unique challenges that can be amazing or difficult depending on the environment. This presentation covers ways to foster confidence, empower the athlete, and coping skills for when things get shaky.


  • Learn unique pressures that girls face in the sport and performance realm and the impact on self-efficacy
  • Learn how to recognize insecurities, perfectionism, loss in motivation and ways to foster positive communication on these topics
  • Learn about current research with teen girls and challenges with onset of puberty


A virtual group of no more than 10 individuals. The bulk of the time will be used for education and sharing information, plus a Q&A.


Kelly Hobbs

Mental Performance Coach

Master Rated Figure Skating Instructor