Navigating the Complexities of Parenting in a Tech World

One-hour virtual group class
Navigating the Complexities of Parenting in a Tech World

You should attend if…

you feel you don’t know where to start in terms of learning how to effectively monitor your child’s use of technology. You have struggled in the past to set boundaries around technology use with your kids (video games, phones, computers, tablets, etc.). You are planning to allow your child to have their own cell phone soon, and you want to start out on the right foot regarding safety and setting limits. Your child or teen loses control when you suggest screen time limits.

Workshop Description

This class is designed to equip parents with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively navigate the challenges posed by technology. Through this course, parents will learn:

  • How to set boundaries.
  • Understand the risks and dangers associated with certain online activities.
  • Open communication and building trust.
  • To identify risky behaviors.
  • Available resources for monitoring social media and phone usage.


  • Help parents make informed choices.
  • Establish healthy boundaries.
  • Identify potential risks and dangers.
  • Strategies for setting appropriate rules and restrictions.
  • Communication and building trust.
  • Preventative measures and coping strategies.
  • Resources for monitoring social media and phones.


A virtual group of no more than 8 individuals. The bulk of the time will be used for education and sharing information, plus a Q&A.