“My clinical approach to counseling is aimed at aligning with the Client’s desires and goals. I believe we, as wonderful human beings, know what we want but often lack the tools to achieve our own goals. Through therapy and behavior modifications, I believe we can allow all things to strengthen us.”

Hello! My name is Casey Merrill. I serve as the Executive Clinical Director of our HopeNation Campus Somatic-Based Program.

My passion lies in helping college students navigate through their difficult emotions and find the strength to move forward. I have been committed to supporting clients who have experienced trauma, walking alongside them on their journey toward hope and healing.

My training spans across multiple types of therapies.

  • Somatic-based therapeutic approaches that focus on the mind-body connection in therapy. This involves understanding how physical sensations, movements, and experiences contribute to emotional well-being.
  • Trauma and cognitive development which involves recognizing how experiences in early life shape cognitive processes and emotional responses, especially in the context of trauma.
  • Attachment theory which explores how early relationships may have an impact on relational patterns and offers paths toward healing from negative attachment experiences.

My clinical approach prioritizes the body’s role in trauma interventions, aiming to unlock and guide sessions toward helping the subconscious to process and reveal events that may have been suppressed in order to feel safe.

The therapeutic relationship serves as one of the most important aspects to healing. By fostering a safe, open, and authentic connection with each of my clients, I aim to cultivate an environment where you can truly flourish and find solace.

Participating in collegiate sports provided me with a distinct opportunity to experience various pressures, exposure to stress, and high-performance expectations prevalent at the college level.

My goal is to empower others to overcome their past traumas and embrace a brighter future filled with possibility and healing.

I am currently accepting college students who are seeking the first steps towards hope and healing. I look forward to sitting with you in a virtual space for healing!


  • Somatic trained
  • TCFBT Trauma informed and attachment.
  • CCP
  • Board certified telehealth professional trainings. BCTP-1.


Meet Casey, a compassionate and experienced therapist

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