Over the years that I have been in practice as a therapist and working with clients across the age spectrum and different mental health needs, one theme has been consistent-we are driven by a desire to be in connection with one another, to be seen and heard by others.

As a therapist, Steven understands the importance of connecting with individuals on a personal level and making them feel heard and understood. He prioritizes evidence-based techniques to help his clients grow and achieve their goals. While he appreciates the desire for quick changes, he believes in setting reasonable and measurable goals to ensure long-term progress. Steven approaches his clients with compassion and guidance, while always ensuring the client is actively involved, engaged, and has a voice in their own care.

Over the years, Steven has worked with youth, adolescent, young adult, adult, and family populations. He has helped many clients with mood and stress disorders, behavioral issues, family dynamics and communications, adjustment issues, and substance abuse, as well as worked with the LGBTQ community. He is self-described as integrative in style incorporating many different therapeutic modes into his practice as he believes therapy is not a one size fits all and should be as diverse as the clients he serves. 


  • Board certified telehealth professional trainings. BCTP-1.

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Providing Accessible and Inclusive Support for a Diverse Range of Communities

Providing Accessible and Inclusive Support for a Diverse Range of Communities

We strive to offer inclusive care that meets the unique needs of everyone we work with, employing a holistic approach to support their mental health.

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Steven Shampain LPC-MHSP

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